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Do you dream of setting up a hairdressing salon with little investment risk?​

Opening a franchise business is the solution you have been looking for.

The term franchise and its Anglo-Saxon derivatives franchise, franchising, franchisor, franquiciae come from medieval French and mean «liberation, privilege, freedom». A freedom that can only be achieved if you appreciate the real value of the partner’s role and know the precise qualities to get the most out of this unique formula. You are free to choose to achieve your business objectives in collaboration with the franchisor and in an organized system.

One of the most essential points for the success of the franchise is the organization. It is expressed in the unceasing quality of the product or service offer that the consumer finds in each and every member of a given network, that is, wherever a given label is displayed. When you decide to wear the «T-shirt» of a hair salon franchise, you show your customers the service of the «team» to which you belong.

With Milano Low Cost Hairdressers franchise formula

The profitability of the business is known even before it is started.

One of the main advantages of those who decide to open a franchise business as opposed to those who want to set up their own business is that they may want the profitability of the business and thus avoid going into a bankrupt or very dangerous business.

Our franchise is a business based on an established model.​

With almost a century of pacts behind it, franchising can now be considered a well-established business model. Major brands, such as McDonald’s, have also used this promotional formula to increase their global reach.

Starting your business is simpler with franchising: from the established business model to the brand diffusion, here are all the benefits.

Opening a business or a service agency is not a piece of cake. There are many aspects to assess so that the work project is not destined to fail. So you give up your dream of self-employment? No, there is a solution: opening a franchise is the right business model to become a successful entrepreneur without danger.

If you are fortunate enough to open a franchise business, you will be able to benefit from a support system from the very beginning.

When opening a franchise, you can strike an ideal balance between independence and guidance. With their valuable experience behind them, the franchisor gives a solid support system while letting the franchisee run their business. And because the business model has already been thoroughly tested, the associate can be confident that he has each and every aspect under control.

The danger factor in setting up a franchise is much lower.

Although it must be accepted that there are still a number of dangers, opening a franchise is usually less dangerous than starting a new business. If you join an established company, you can spend even less time in the planning phase and, more importantly, run the company according to well-defined benchmarks. In this way, you will be able to assess performance and narrow down development strategies.

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