Our franchisees are brand ambassadors

They are supported with theoretical and practical training

Each one of them brings their own unique experience to the network 

Our identity, which includes a modern and consolidated image, 
our own product line and low cost initial investment, becomes a formula for proven success. 

The franchise license offers:

Milano Low Cost Hairdressers

Is the largest hairdressing group in Europe. 

We offer:

We have:

Our franchise is a consolidated business project for anyone looking for a quality professional future. 

For this reason, the franchisee selection process is very challenging. 

How to become a franchisee

Buying a MILANO franchise offers total collaboration in your search for business success

You don’t need to be a hairdresser to be a Milano franchisee. 

We are looking for people with initiative, self motivation and a can-do attitude.

We are a high quality commercial organisation and one of the best franchise opportunities according to independent auditors. Our franchisees  are the key to our success.

Franchisees should have the ability to communicate with people at all levels. 

They should have good business acumen and a desire for success.

The franchisee fee is €XX.XXX * and will require some working capital.

A salon can be opened as a turnkey operation for as little as €XX.XXX*.

Licences are granted based on your proven ability to run multiple sites, combined with thorough research of the chosen geographical area. 

Profitability depends on the number of licences purchased, your business acumen and ability to follow the model. 

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